If you just read a book that you liked and want to find another one like it, try the link below. You can also check the reading level of books you have chosen!

Check out "The Stacks" for full color reviews and the hottest new books . . .


For all you visual people, check out this link for video previews of books. . .

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Another cool site to check out . . .UltimateReadingList.jpg

A website all for teens that has links to a ton of books, booklists, and book websites . . .seriously deserves a look . . .Reading Rants

Or check out TeenInk.com, a website and magazine written entirely by teens for teens . .
YALSA . . .Teens' Top Ten List of books to read! external image TeensTopTen_logo_web.gif

Book Trailers for Readers
Another list of book trailers by student

Be careful when you pick up a good book . . .reading has it's own Domino Effect!