Capture3.JPGWritten in Bone . . .a real-life forensic mystery online (The Secret in the Cellar from the Smithsonian)

Read about forensic anthropology and fill out the KWL chart:

New York Unit based on the common core
“What is Forensic Anthropology by R.U. Steinberg
“Dead Men Talking: Solving Crime Through Science”, David Kohn
Finding Remains . . .Smithsonion Institute gives a face to a female slave
Forensic Facial Reconstruction
Just for fun . . . Make the skeleton walk

Photo Superimposition and another example . . .click here

Create a Character

1. You won’t be able to “save” this image, but you can press the “Print Screen” button in the upper right hand side of your keyboard to take a picture of the screen. 2. Open “Paint” and paste your pic. 3. Crop the pic and save. 4. Copy and paste the image into your Missing Person’s Flyer (see below). 5. OR EVEN EASIER . . .Use the snipping tool!

Name Generators:

Create a MISSING PERSON's Flyer


Use full sentences to fill in the information for your character. The more interesting your biological profile is, the more intriguing our forensic mysteries will be!

Write the Forensic Anthropology Case Report
Forensic Report.rtf
Forensic Report.rtf

Forensic Report.rtf

**Forensic Report.rtf**

Follow the directions carefully and use your research to create the mystery bones that secretly belong to your character. The more clues you pull, the better the mystery. The more articles you use, the trickier the solution!

Real Life Forensic Case Study Example . . .click here to read a mentor text to use as a model for how to use formal language.

Bibliography or Work Cited . . .

Start it now at the following website. Add on to your sources as you research, and then printing an alphabetical list is a piece of cake . . .they basically do the work for you. . .

Noodle Tools NoodleBib MLA Free Starter

Plagiarism -- As you research, avoid stealing

others words or ideas . . .use a direct quote or paraphrase . . .

check out how by clicking this link . . .Paraphrasing

Or click on this to decide for yourself what is plagiarism and what is not . . .

Plagiarism or Not?

MLA Format--
When setting up your final essay, follow the format in the following document (open it to read the directions!)