1. Use this to create your character's Facebook page. After clicking, choose "OPEN." It should automatically open in Microsoft Word. Click "SAVE AS" and save into your "H-drive" (the one with your last name in it). Start working on your character's Facebook page!

If the link above doesn't work, try one of these . . .


For detailed directions on what to include on your facebook page, please open the directions here. . .

2. If you are ready to create your character's picture (all writing must be done first), then try these links . . .

Then press “Prt Scr (print screen)” key on the keyboard—look in the upper right hand corner.
Open “Microsoft Office” and right click and choose “Paste.”




http://mywebface.com (Unfortunately, this site was blocked on some of the computers--sorry. Try it on yours.)

3. When your character is complete, it is time to create a MISSING PERSON's flyer for them. . .. Use the same picture as in your facebook page; fill in the required information.

4. If you are ready to create the Forensic Anthropology Case Report, download the template. . . Follow the directions carefully and use your research to create the mystery bones that secretly belong to your character.